"Wow, went to Desires at Wollongong last week, what a nice change of pace. The rooms were modern, and clean, and the girls were cheeky and a little bit 'dirty' (lol) but immaculately presented and stunning, (if you know what I mean). I loved making a connection with my selected lady, I really enjoy the top shelf sex, bubbly conversation and the flirting,  something that you can't get at the Asian places. The best in the area by far. I'll be back next week"

Patrick, July


"Highly recommend the services of Desires Parlours. I booked an escort and the lady was as she was described. She arrived at my door on time and discreetly cause it was pretty late. Awesome, awesome service, booked her the next week."  

Paul, Shell Harbour. February.

"i have been a regular customer for a while and have found the service and the ladies to be of a high quality, a freindly place to visit and a great place to f*ck. i have had so many great nights here and always feel incredibly welcome. In short a good atmosphere, good people and a really good place to f*ck."

Roger, interstate visitor. April

"I went to Desires last weekend, I hadn't been to a place like this or seen a girl like this before. But so f*cking glad I did, it was awesome. I went to the door pressed the buzzer and in seconds I was inside and having this lineup of chicks coming through the door, some were my type some not but all nice chics. They all were happy to see me and chatted for a few seconds before the next one came in.


I didn't have to tell the girls no or yes, cause the receptionist came in after all the girls and asked which one I'd like to see and told me the prices. I paid her (cash is better, charges for cards) then the girl I asked for came and took me to her room. It was like she had been my girlfriend for a couple of years, she was so comfortable with me and made me feel f*cking awesome about the whole experience. I'm not going to go into details about the rest of the night cause I'm a gentleman ;-), but to say, she knew what she was doing eh!

 Afterward it wasn't a rush I got ready and my lady walked me out. Can't believe I haven't done it before, will be back asap."

Michael, Albion Park. April

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