Desires Parlours are there to please you. We offer a discreet and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring mutual respect and a desirable experience. Below are some frequently asked questions that may help new comers and clarify the process for visitors.


I am new to this experience, what should I expect?

When you arrive at the front door, you press the buzzer and you will be greated by the Madam. She will accompany you to your private waiting rooms, where you will be met by each of the ladies available to meet your desires.


The lovely ladies will introduce themselves to you, one by one, where you are more than welcome to ask any questions you may have about their service. After meeting each of the available ladies, the Madam will return to ask who you'd like to see and the length of your visit  (30 mins, 45 mins or an hour or more).


Payment for your booking if you decide to stay is made to the Madam before your desired lady escorts you to one of our full facility, private and luxurious rooms.


How can I pay ?

At Desires Parlours we offer a range of payment options. You are welcome to pay with cash, or use our EFTPOS facilties*. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and all debit cards.


*Fees for credit card and EFTPOS are charged, 10% for Credit Cards and 5% for Debit cards.


Is Safe-Sex practised?

At Desires Parlours safe-sex is always practised. It is the Law in NSW and also in the interest of Desires's ladies and their patrons to practise safe-sex always.


Drugs and Alcohol?

Patrons who are intoxicated will be turned away and not permitted entry for the safety and well being of staff at Desires Parlours.


It is illegal to posses illegal substances / drugs in NSW, this includes Desires Parlours. Illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises.


Your Question?

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